Create Account

Creates an account.

Account Type

An Account is tied to a specific cryptocurrency or fiat and is comprised of transactions and a current balance.

An account is required to allow a Bank or Customer to hold cryptocurrency or a Customer to hold fiat on the Cybrid Platform.

At present, account's can be created as trading or fiat accounts and are required before a Customer can generate quotes or execute a trade or transfer.

To create accounts for your Bank, omit the customer_guid parameter in the request body. To create accounts for your Customers, include the customer_guid parameter in the request body.


The asset is the specific cryptocurrency or fiat that the account holds, e.g., 'BTC' for Bitcoin or USD for US dollars. See the Symbols API for a complete list of cryptocurrencies and fiat supported.


storingThe Platform is storing the account details in our private store
createdThe Platform has created the account

Required scope: accounts:execute

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