Create ExternalWallet

Create an ExternalWallet.

Wallet creation

External Wallets can be created for a Bank or a Customer.

To create a wallet for your Bank, omit the customer_guid parameter in the request body. To create a wallet for your Customers, include the customer_guid parameter in the request body.


storingThe Platform is storing the external wallet details in our private store
pendingThe Platform is waiting for the external wallet to be created
completedThe Platform has created the external wallet
failedThe Platform was not able to successfully create the external wallet
deletingThe Platform is deleting the external wallet
deletedThe Platform has deleted the external wallet

External wallets can be added to the bank by leaving the customer_guid blank. External wallets added to the bank can be used by any customer of the bank.

External wallets can also be added to a specific customer by providing the customer_guid. External wallets added to a customer can only be used by that customer.

Required scope: external_wallets:execute

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